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Did you just notice that we are actually in a new year already? It seems like it’s still 2014, and then it seems like it was just yesterday, but it’s actually been almost one month already and we are still intoxicated from 2014 which has passed. Anyways, I just wanted to say that in order to remind you that you must move forward and follow whatever dream you may have right now. If it fuels meaning for your life, then you have to go with it. Even if it’s kinky or anything to that effect, it’s your dream and you know it’s going to be good for you. Just like some brothers so famous for drive by sex. We do it together with the BangBros Network. Review happens now!


Why the intro? It’s all about contrasting the differences on how the world was and how it is now. Basically, we’re all at peace or at least wars are still quelled for the moment. In order to cherish the good times, the Bang Bros are at it again, roaming across not only America, but in their leveled up mode, streaming through Russia. Now, intensity level? Beyond 9999! Join the brothers in their journey to pick up girls from the Soviet roads, fucking them inside the van all the way to the home run motel (sometimes because they usually do business inside the mobile.) Nevertheless, it’s nothing less than exhilarating for a wander-lustful soul like you imbued by the libido drive.


They’ve started with the Bang Bus and if you ever thought they had a reset, no. They had an interim, so everything was followed through. They picked up where they left off for a new season of hunting girls, so to speak. As of today, you can let that smile out knowing that there are more than 7,000 videos for you to choose from with more than a thousand of it being in HD. On that note, the brothers are also working on making all their vids available in HD. That is something to be excited about. Furthermore, immerse yourself into some jam packed sexual adventure good for at least 35 minutes per episode.


Thinking about joining the cause? At least spectate the whole scenario that is. It’s only $29.95 a month. All classic and all premium. All enthralling and no dull moments. That is the BangBros way!

Big Tits Round Asses Review

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BigTitsRoundAsses is included in the BangBros Network.

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The year was 2003 and that is when the site “Big Tits Round Asses” decides that they would rip through the scene and plunge their content down the throats of so many fans. The name really tells you the breath of the content that you will find…tits and butts. How could this site be so old and still attract more patrons? Well, they are part of Bangbros and that gives them power of sorts to continue producing. This network is strong in all aspects; they occupy the zenith with a small elite group of networks. You are mostly getting hard sex porn inside.

First, they have a good price going on for joining this site. They also have four hundred and four scenes making their content count decent enough for them to stick with the label of a standalone site. You can focus on the content they have and you will find degrees of pre-emission coming from your hard dick. So, the first couple of months inside this site will have you spiraling into a land of massive mammary and asses on all sides and you will be happy.


The addition to the Bangbros Network is brutally good for you in so many ways. The last time we looked, we could see some twenty-seven sites inside the network. So that should paint a picture of how much diversity and material you can garb from this network. It’s like all the niches you like from a reputable reality network that has your best pornography interest at heart. The updating is done every week so grab more content when it shows up. The material and the situation you will find yourself in inside is fully exclusive, meaning original, meaning only you and the members inside can have it. Makes you feel somehow special!

We have to say that even if the content is entertaining, the quality is not so amazing really. A lot of the archive material was made when 1080p HD in pornography was still a foreign concept. So expect to find the older material to deteriorate in quality when you compare with the 720p HD that they recently update with. The generic design doesn’t inspire a lot of emotions from us also. A bit of changing formats and layouts and color schemes may help a lot. The hardcore we cannot say is completely bad, it’s mainstream and if that is what you wanted then absolutely no disappointment with your deal here.

For us, we find what Big Tits Round Asses paysite provides enough for normal lovers of hard sex material with big asses and breasts and lots of pornstars. The attachment of the Bangbros network makes the deal more palatable, even if there are things we like this particular site to change soon. You can get your Bangbros membership; we do stand behind that decision!

Milf Soup Review

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MilfSoup is included in the BangBros Network.

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Milf Soup material comes from a network that is really exceptional in all things that it does and touches. The network is called BangBros Network and you have to know that they are exclusively one of the biggest in the game. Back to this site, and what its subject matter is, which is hardcore milf porn. The performers also include group sex action. The tour page pours you a tall glass of previews of milf material that is really tightly well produced. But the tour page always offers the best material, let’s look inside.

You are going to have access to the network, so you don’t have to do other things to get your membership into that particular network. However, there are many other benefits that come with belonging to this site. The episodes you get inside are thirty minutes long or a bit more. Some of the bigger ones can hold you captive for more than an hour. You will see that some of the so-called milfs are a bit younger, barely entering the thirty year old bracket. Then you will see the common big-breasted milfs and pornstar kind of bodies, and you will cum when you see they got threesomes, hardcore anal, boobs, and orgy sex action for you.


Most of the times you just get to gyrate your hips to guy-fucks-milf kind of material. So bust that nut, but make sure you wipe, and get ready to twist out another healthy load, because the material inside this site has many elegant nasty pornstars who will make you cum again!

The quality of video inside is HD, 720p though, but we think that 1080p is definitely going to make an appearance very soon. They have 432 movies to check out. Some of the years that they have been busy, but in others, they haven’t been so busy. You know all this is really irrelevant when you still get hundreds of long movies with milfs. Then you get bonus material from the BangBros, so it nice content count for your deal! You can expect streaming action and downloading action.

Also, you can see mp4 and flash file format. Zipped images inside are for downloading easiness for you as a new member to the site. One thing is that they got lots of ads running inside, can become a distraction if you are easily distracted. We cannot say what kind of updating schedule is being evoked inside this site. And the gals they have can tend to be a bit loosely termed as milf since they still can look a bit young. But all these things are minor problems.

The top HD quality spits 1080p resolution like we said but we found they have 480p movies, but that will not bother you too much because it’s still high quality. So what’s the deal? Are you going to become a member and get milf hardcore and access to BangBros or are you going to sit there and play with yourself? We think playing with yourself will be more entertaining if you have some Milf Soup…try it!

TugJobs Review

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Tug Jobs is included in the BangBros Network.

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TugJobs has had more than ten years to do what they do, that’s to offer material to members, and that material relates to the pulling, sliding, rubbing, teasing, and pleasing of hard cocks. The site is one of the many paysite manifestations that BangBros has created over the years. That means two things, content is exclusive, and two, content comes from directors who know how to engineer high quality pornography. The site got its framework and slick designed layout from masters of the game, so it is definitely aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Among the things you can do is organize action. You get list, filters, ratings, and so on. They have over 530 picture-sets to quench your thirst for handjobs. Also, bonus sites are in there, feeds from outside sources, and live cams. Talk of videos and what thou get is mobile iPod formats. You also get flv, mp4, windows media formats. Video gallery has over 536+ movies for you. Download and stream anything, movies each take twenty minutes or more of your time. Time well spent we may add.


The site uses fast speeds, speeds that members use to download the material. They give out HD movies and various viewing formats. We can tell you that the picture-sets we talked of earlier have around two hundred images inside each set. Your options also include zipped files used for downloading. They have video caps, but in the same galleries, you get high res beautiful ones.

Once in a while, the models inside have to make way for a pornstar here and there. The rest of the time, amateur gals, beautiful from face to ass, are the ones that dominate the site. As the gals grapple with the slongs they’re presented, you get to wrestle with your passions as each grip, suck, and slide gets everyone that much closer to cumming! Reality pornography simply flows so much easier when it comes to filming and producing. Things just seem to click better than those badly scripted hardcore porn movies you see in mainstream industry. This is what we believe, its why this site pulls us in. The reality amateur style is just dynamite material to look at.

The gals from within this site have filthy mouths, talking wickedly, filling the dude with thoughts and desire. They use different squeezing patterns to heighten the pleasure of the handjob they are delivering. It’s all sewn-up into something that you can really get lost in and enjoy. Bonus network BangBros is part of the deal. So what are the selling points again? You get a site that deals in handjob fetish, delivered by small hands, wonderful boobs, and gorgeous gals. You get the bonus. You have skilled filming bringing about best productions. Grabbing the deal TugJobs offers is rewarding, do it!

Fuck Team Five Review

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FuckTeamFive is included in the BangBros Network.

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$9.95/mo (67% off) for 365 days

Fuck Team Five has gone out and done something fun and different and that has made many people take notice. Here the lady is the initiator as she goes searching for cocks to fuck. The concept of this site will make you want to become the next impromptu amateur approached by a sexy lady. Maybe that’s why the reality part of it is very exciting to many.

BangBros are the guys who have outdone themselves again with another banging concept site. Is it possible for a paysite to simply stupefy you with the content that they are making? Well this site definitely aims to do something to you! With this site, of course your membership will mean more bonus material from other BangBros sites. Once you log in, you are taken to the parent network, there you select the link to this site, then it’s time to take your shorts off!


The premise is pretty straightforward. There is a group of nicely boobed sexy mamas who crash parties and gathering where there are many dicks. The girls turn it up and start caressing, kissing, undressing, and licking other boobies and clits. The guys are wide eyed with big hard-ons wondering if they will get a taste. They do, and then just everything crumbles into sexual lunacy where everyone just cum and fucks! The gals are outgoing in every sense of the word, they grab what they want when they want and just don’t care! From the site, you will learn that the big tits the gals have fall under fake and natural boobs. There are other tags also used for searching. From the orgy sex eruption that happens, you get to have various hardcore niches. Some people go all “fetish wild” and insert stuff in pussies…untamed times inside this site!

The acting is not so bad either since every film you get inside has some sort of plot. The episodes are long, one hour or more. The gals really do dig into the sexual vaults of the guys and bring out the carnal brute from deep within. Everything is covered from what we could see. You can stream/download. Members have video in mobile formats as well as other formats. The best versions looking at the resolution are HD quality. We kind of hope they are working on bringing even larger image galleries than currently available. Still, we could see everything pretty clearly with the ones they got.

With bonus discount material, we can live with the numbers that the site carries. Only problem is they don’t stick to the weekly updating that they promised. This is not such a dramatic issue to cause panic attacks! The group-sex inside is something you need to taste because it’s riotously different and entertaining. Fuck Team Five dares to be different, defies, and acts out in ways that are very pleasing. We recommend you think like them, dare to be different, but still get your dose of hard sex action involving multiple sexy pussies and hard dicks.

Monsters of Cock Review

New Monsters of Cock Discount


MonstersofCock is included in the BangBros Network.

$14.95 (50% off) for 30 days

$9.95/mo (67% off) for 365 days

Monsters Of Cock…what could you possibly expect from a site with such a brazen name huh? Well if you look at the intro page or the tour page or sample previews and videos, you will notice a couple of things. First of all, they have guys with long elongated massive hard dicks. Two they have material that is interesting and makes you wonder who would be crazy enough to mess with the monster dicks that you just saw. One thing the site says they have is exclusive material for members. They also promise small-bodied gals, lots of cum and hardcore sex, updates, and a resounding sweet bonus, all for you.

If you have ever asked yourself this question, how much can the tight pussy of a gorgeous gal take…there may be answers inside this site. The way the gals stretch in order to allow the girth of the cocks to enter their hungry moths and pussy is amazing to behold. The interracial aspect of the sex adds to the level of pleasure that you get from the material. The holes and the pussies of the babes are made to gape in amazement as they are filled with intense cumshots from the cocks. Delightful stuff indeed.


There is a funny but interesting thing that they do, the gals that is. They take the ‘long dicks and compare them to their forearms. Amazingly many of these hard monster cocks are as long as the gals forearms. It’s amazing to us really. Okay we know the babes are brave for even thinking of messing with these particular dicks, anything else you need to know? The filming is done by people with skill at this sort of thing. This is because the angles look amazing and the quality is good also. The gals make themselves beautiful by wearing nice lingerie, hot clothes and panties, and use their bodies to seduce the cocks that they are about to fuck. You will have anal pussy and blowjob hardcore porn to look at.

The update speed of this site has been maintained at weekly basis last time we looked. You get different sizes for the videos, and the site has mobile formats that are good. You can stream what you desire, download the rest. There is no stopping you from having all the interracial porn you want inside, they also have HD quality movies. High res images, not the biggest resolution file we have ran into, but still they are bewildering good to look at.

As you look at the content inside, you will feel that uneasy knot of un-comfortableness inside you. You will come to realize that this feeling is just the buildup of your semen passion inside your balls. As you watch the Monsters Of Cock tear through tight pussy, you will be able to release your load excessively! In other words…marvelous discounted site, check them out!

Can He Score Review

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CanHeScore is included in the BangBros Network.

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$9.95/mo (67% off) for 365 days

Can He Score is a pornsite containing some very unique and fascinating themes when it comes to porn. The site takes the common guy from the streets and sets them up on a date with a hot pornstar. The blind date is done so that the guy can find out if he can get laid by the end of the night. The pornstars who agree to go on this date range from hot European models to very hot ones, and many of them you will recognize. Before we dig further, know that with membership here, you can access BangBros, since this one is part of their 24-site network. Cool bonus man!

You do not have to worry because the sex being had and the naked action to be revealed is all pretty nice hardcore stuff. The one thing about the guys is that most of them look like losers. They look like the kind of guys who have a hard time getting laid. The pornstars are of course beautiful and sensual. When the blind date begins, you may feel some sympathy for the gals but you soon forget all this one once the sex starts.


The design of the member’s area for this site looks very new. First, you log in. After that, you get exposed to the busy Bang Bros homepage. Here you get to see all the updates from all the sites. You get material flying in from the entire network. But you want content from this particular site, so you have to use the dropdown menu listing all the sites. You find the right one and you are on your way. You get there and they have over a hundred videos waiting for you. They also have high definition formats from 720p to 480p. If you want the standard videos, they have those also. Those who must download will be able to do so using the wmv, mp4 files they give you. Mobile devices are not left out since they include formats tailor-made for these devices.

You can have the clips, or sit through the forty-minute long videos. It’s not just about the sex, they have to show you the story of the date and develop it into hardcore sex. It’s pretty amusing. All the dates seem to roll out differently really. In most of them, the pornstars are the ones who have to go full out and salvage the dates by fucking the weird dudes. The originality is not bad and the creative material is becoming one of our favorite things to watch. You do get images inside, high res, zip file to download them. The bonus network you receive, we talked about it earlier, is perhaps the biggest benefit you can draw from joining this site.

The fantasy being encouraged inside this site is not bad at all. It is something that fits into many porn fans fantasies out there and you get variety of hardcore sex and pornstars. Should you check out this site? Yes, it’s the only way you will find out answers to the question…Can He Score!

Backroom Facials Review

New Backroom Facials Discount


BackroomFacials is included in the BangBros Network.

$14.95 (50% off) for 30 days

$9.95/mo (67% off) for 365 days

Backroom Facials is a site that borrows from other existing audition type pornsites but that is basically all they borrow, the concept. They do have that simple looking room where they bring in gals for what we like calling “facial auditions”. It is a site that has changed the design that they used to have and now have a more pleasing one we think. Something else that they have done away with is the keyword tags that they used to provide. But before we start talking about all the thing they changed and whatnot, let us examine the kind of material you get from this site.

The rooms that you will see inside the videos that they provide are pretty basic. Some people are asking whether the audition really happened in real life. But we are not in a position to say they did or did not happen. All we know is what we saw inside the videos that the site produces. There is the room and usually one or two girls inside. We could not recognize a lot of the gals we saw so you are definitely receiving fresh faced amateur women. They do their part and perform all nervous-like. However, once their name is called and they are inside the audition room, it’s a face full of jizz, a mouth full of cock for each of them!


The difference between this particular site and other audition sites is the way they construct their material. Other sites will usually give you information about the type of audition that the gals are waiting for. This one is all silent and you never get to know what the gals came here to do which is really fine with us. The change that they made around the site might have been cosmetic, but they have moved some things around. You get to have an alphabetical listing, and the video nowadays are true 1080p full HD quality. Sadly, they now only give out one file format for the movies that is mp4 file format.

You still get to do things like saving favorites and sorting the one hundred and thirty three movies they have is not such a big issue. They also have 133 picture galleries inside. Movies play magnificently using the streaming flash player. You get to have only mp4 file format that you use when downloading. Sad but that is just how the way things are. They have images inside with high res clarity. The material is all exclusive content. We downloaded many of our favorite pictures by using the zip file inside the site. They have not updated for some time now, they used to say that the site would add new uploads every week. What’s been happening guys huh?

The site Backroom Facials allows members to enter the BangBros network and fish for more succulent porn material inside. This is a great bonus that adds real weight of value to buying a membership pass. They must however do some updates really, but all other things considered, this is a good deal.

BaitBus Review

New BaitBus Discount


BaitBus is included in the BangBros Network.

$14.95 (50% off) for 30 days

$9.95/mo (67% off) for 365 days

There is something very fascinating about the concept that the site BaitBus has decided to pursue. The site gives those who are into “straight guy going gay” some very intriguing material. The way things play out is the seduction of the straight guy is done using subterfuge and tricks. There is this bus with some chicks and dudes in it. The gals are hot and they go around coaxing innocent straight guys to come and fuck them in the bus. Once inside, doors locked, the straight dude is given quite the surprise. Instead of the promised pussy, they get to have hot anal sex with another horny dude!

If you have ever heard of the site called BangBros and BangBus, then you are definitely familiar with this kind of porn action. They are the same group who came up with this site. The site contains some three hundred and forty videos. You are given two options, short clips or the bigger full-length movie. They have formats that are designed to work with mobile devices. You do also get windows media and mp4 files. A big portion of the collection is in 720p HD quality. They offer all members streaming options for the 40-minute videos. There 60 image galleries inside. Reason why they are so little is due to the fact that some videos they have do not have image galleries. The resolution quality of the images rest at mid level really, but they are still clear images.


You do not have to worry too much about the concept of the movies inside. Things work in a pretty straightforward manner. The gals that do the promising are really beautiful and that is one reason why so many guys will enter into the bus for some sex. The guy who comes looking to bang tight beautiful pussy is then blindfolded in a kinky kind of way. His dick gets played with, but not with the gorgeous gal he was expecting. It’s a dude doing the sucking. The blindfold comes off and the dude no has to decide whether to blow his wad inside the only option left, that is, the fellow dude’s tight asshole.

Many of the unsuspecting dudes require bit more coaxing, maybe even a bribe. Some are promised the tight pussy they want after banging the ass of the guy who just sucked their dick. Either way the results are pretty much the same, the guy does it! As soon as the action of hardcore gay sex is done, the bus drives off to find another male guy to dupe into having gay anal sex.

Some will buy into the whole “straight guy fucking gay dude” theme of the material. Everything after all looks very realistic and the performances given are very convincing. BaitBus is a really worthwhile site. One thing, they haven’t been completely reliable on is the updating part and you do not have bonus sites to while-away the time with. All in all, very good site!

PublicInvasion Review

New PublicInvasion Discount


Public Invasion is included in the BangBros Network.

$14.95 (50% off) for 30 days

$9.95/mo (67% off) for 365 days

Some people will simply love the concept that the site “PublicInvasion” is actively pursuing. You see, what they do is that they place the potential performers in compromising situations in public, and help these voyeurs to have public sex before they are caught by the authorities. These guys just love fornicating in the wildest public places they find. The site insists that the action is live and real. The guys and hot gals really do fuck in public while keeping an eye out for the police! It’s exciting stuff really!

Inside the galleries, you get to have over 208 episodes of such lewd behavior in public. These are a mixture of videos and some pictorial galleries. Most of the best videos they have are in 720p HD resolution last time we peeped inside. What we found baffling is that the site has yet to add new material for a really long time. It’s almost like they stop updating. But let’s hope by the time you get there they would have added something, fingers crossed! Anyway, the videos are split into clips, you will find all various formats. They offer streaming and downloading features for members.


The idea that they have is solid and it is somewhat also very unique and creative. They do have great looking ladies who are willing to fuck and pray they don’t get caught. There is a sense of adventure and thrill with this kind of hardcore sex action that they make. The performers inside this site are all up to the task of concentrating on producing good hardcore porn, setting aside the worries that their surroundings are not the safest or most ideal. You will get a variety of backdrop scenes from roadsides, to parks and other public places. The models, gals, look sexy as can be and you also get a variety of body sizes, boobs, buts and other physical traits. You will find hardcore penetrations, blowjobs, handjobs, and lots of other niches.

The site employs a simple navigational setup for those who do decide to get a full membership to the site. The production of the content is sharp and colorful. The material, videos, comes with information like runtime, number of views, and rating. They do have options for downloading the images, zip file, and tools for search functions and navigation.

The content that PublicInvasion posses right now is not bad at all. It is HQ porn action and lots of pubic hardcore sex scenes. They do have high definition content. If you are turned on by the threat of discovery, by watching public sex action take place, then this is really the site for you.

Ass Parade Review

New Ass Parade Discount


AssParade is included in the BangBros Network.

$14.95 (50% off) for 30 days

$9.95/mo (67% off) for 365 days

Ass Parade gives the female butt the due attention that it deserves. People are normal either breast oriented, leg lovers, or they simply like and love the female butt! This pornsite is for the last group of people who cannot find peace when they start looking at butts. You will find that this site, from the BangBros Network of sites, has all the variety you need as far as butts go. The site has amateur gals with gargantuan butts, tight ones, flabby ones, and various other types of butts. The ladies inside participate fully in hardcore sex scenes. Let’s get inside and grab some beautiful butts!

With the frequent updating schedule they have, we think that they have surpassed the 506 movies they had when we visited them. Inside we found that it’s easy to stream and download the porn. They didn’t restrict us from going here and there and they offered mp4/flv/wmv file formats for movies. The clearest, most scrumptious videos in their catalogue are shot in HD quality nowadays. We liked that they are still updating, very important for keeping the site moving forward. You will have weekly updates to check out!


The long movies can be over 40 minutes of play. The site does have small clips like 2-3 for each full-length version of the movies. The captivating butt images you will have inside have sharp resolution that makes those big butts look larger than life! The filming is also very high quality. The babes inside all look to be having a really fantastic time. When you see how wild the sex gets, with those tight holes having to take big cocks all the way, you will have a hardon. You will see many flexible gals riding cock, have niches in hardcore themes like bjs, anal, lesbian, threesomes, outdoors, and so on. BangBros Network is also thrown in as a bonus when you join this site. That means nasty hardcore in all niches, more pornstar that you possibly know, and just tons of fun hardcore sites!

Taking a long hard cock pounding is not an easy thing but the beautiful gals inside this site make it seem very pleasurable, easy at times. You will have the services of professionals as far as navigation goes. This site is a BangBros production so the presentation is very colorful and entertaining. There are previews, thumbnails, bios, sections, information, and organization. They cover all the other bases involving viewing options and browsing features.

For us, we love it when big bouncy butts make it clap! We love it when they are oiled, fucked hardcore, creamed on, caressed, and we love that Ass Parade is open for business! If you are an ass lover, a porn lover, a babe’s lover, a hardcore sex lover, this is one site we recommend you check out. The bonus BangBros Network just completes the great deal you are getting from these guys!